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One of the most surprising things about addiction treatment to most people is the fact that there is such a variety in the programs at general treatment centers and the best addiction rehab centers. Many people, including those suffering from addictions as well as the people that care about them, assume that all addiction treatment programs are created equal with the same basic structure, framework, and therapy offerings. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

There are many features and options that the best addiction rehab centers offer that other addiction treatment options simply do not provide. If you are one of the 23.5 million people in the United States currently struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you do not want to be among the 88.8 percent of those people that do not get the treatment they need for their addiction.

You want to be among those who get themselves into one of the best addiction rehab centers in the country and because of that, it is important to know the benefits that these top-quality treatment centers can offer you.

The 30 Best Los Angeles, CA Residential Inpatient Treatment Centers

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Gender-Specific Treatment Options

The top addiction rehab centers in the country understand that men and women may have different needs in addiction treatment and recovery. Men and women have vastly different internal body chemistries. Their hormone balances, the ways their brains react to addictive substances, and the ways their brains react to the recovery process can be quite distinct.

Gender-specific treatment programs can help to account for these issues and problems. Additionally, men and women tend to face different issues in recovery. Women often feel much more guilt and can be more prone to struggle with depression and anxiety about making amends to children and other loved ones.

There are also issues with hormonal balances, menstruation, and the potential for miscarriage or other reproductive issues as a result of substance abuse. Men, on the other hand, may struggle more with understanding and expressing their own emotions, are more prone to anger and aggression issues, and might grapple with erectile dysfunction or other sexual health problems.

Medical Detox Programs

To successfully recover from a drug or alcohol addiction, the first step a person will need to take is to get the substance they are addicted to completely out of their system. This is known as detoxification or detox. However, as you may know, the detox process causes the body to react, not just with cravings for the drug, but also with other uncomfortable and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Because the detox process is painful and could even be dangerous at times, the best addiction rehab centers offer a treatment option known as medical detox. Medical detox programs give the person the ability to go through detox from drugs or alcohol in a safe and secure environment.

They will receive care and supervision 24-hours a day throughout the process and their detox will be overseen by doctors and other medical professionals.

There are numerous benefits to medical detox programs. Firstly, with professional supervision, a person will be unable to relapse and resume substance abuse before they have completely detoxed. Additionally, if they do experience any of the worst withdrawal symptoms, they will have immediate access to medical care and treatments.

Medical detox programs can also utilize prescription drugs that are carefully administered throughout the detox process. These medications can help to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms, the duration of the process, and can even be used over the long-term as a way to manage cravings and prevent relapse.

Holistic Treatment Programs

Holistic treatment programs are also one of the major benefits of the top-quality addiction rehab centers throughout the nation. When most people hear the term holistic, they often think that this means that the treatment is unconventional or is non-medical in nature. However, when it comes to addiction treatment and recovery, holistic treatment programs refer to those that address addiction from numerous different angles and approaches.

Addiction rehab centers that offer holistic treatment address the physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, and other sides of drug or alcohol addictions. This ensures that the whole person recovers and heals from their addiction rather than just one aspect. For example, if a person only goes through a medical detox program which deals with the physical addiction a person has to drugs or alcohol, then they will still have the mental and emotional issues that led them to develop a substance abuse problem in the first place.

While they may no longer be physically addicted to the substance, they are still emotionally and mentally addicted and will more than likely relapse shortly after going through their detox.

Look for an addiction center that offers treatment options in addition to medical detox including individual cognitive-behavioral therapy, group and family therapy, art therapy, acupuncture, yoga, equine therapy, religious and spiritual therapies, and the like, so you can be sure that you deal with all aspects of your addiction.

These features are those that you should look for when you are looking for the best addiction rehab centers so you can find the right program.

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